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MARMALADE BOY MANGA FOR SALE [27 Jun 2009|09:12pm]


Selling the whole series of Marmalade Boy. Thus far it's $30.

Please circulate this around as I would really like to sell it.
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Another site finished. [27 Jun 2009|04:22pm]

Newest ones include:

Enjoy :)
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[18 Nov 2006|02:49pm]

Japan/Korea RARE Import FanBooks http://shouhaku.livejournal.com/3523.html

Honey and Clover Photo Making Book
Ghibli Museum Mitaka Guide Book 2006
Princess Hours aka: Palace Photo Comic Vol. 1
Gakuen Alice Official FanBook 7.5
DEATH NOTE HOW TO READ 13 (Normal Edition)
Nodame Cantabile Character Book

Goong planners, San-x keychains, phonestrap, cute chinese phonestrap.... http://shouhaku.livejournal.com/2883.html

Anime/Manga Collectibles, Furoku, Pencil Boards, Artbooks... http://shouhaku.livejournal.com/1240.html

Hana to Yume Magazine 2006 Issue 16
HanaYume 2005 Calendar
Death Note Clear File
Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- 2nd Season Official Fanbook
Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- TV Animation Official Fanbook
Honey and Clover Continue Special
Honey and Clover Official Animation Guidebook
Lovely Complex Osaka Daisuki Book
Di Gi Charat Postcard Set
The Art of Inuyasha: Anime Art Gallery Artbook
Loki Ragnarok Much Ado About Nothing Artbook
Ouran HS Host Club Fastener
Nana hairpins
Ouran HS Host Club Phonestrap
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Post Cards Book
CARDCAPTOR SAKURA X-mas pencilboards/shitajiki RARE
CARDCAPTOR SAKURA Chibi Group pencilboards/shitajiki RARE
Colorful Melody Tohru Azumi Artbook
CLAMP'S 12th Year Anniversary Collection
Shuffle pencilboards/shitajiki 0905
Black Cat Phone Strap
Honey and Clover 2006 CALENDAR RARE
Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar Trading Figures
Saiunkoku Monogatari pencilboards/shitajiki 0406
Bleach KeyChain
Tsubasa Chronicles Brooch / Pin
Black Cat Chain
Samurai Deeper Kyo Chain
INU YASHA Doujinshi Cell Phone Straps
Da! Da! Da! Pencil Boards/Shitajiki Nakayoshi 2003 B
Chobits: Your Eyes Only Artbooks
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Clear Shitajiki/Pencil Board
Howl's Moving Castle 1/24 second cubic cel
Nintama Rantarou Pencil Board/ Shitajiki EXTREMELY RARE

Manga/Manhwa in English and Anime DVDs http://shouhaku.livejournal.com/769.html

Manga/Manhwa :
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 1-4
Crossroad 1
Land of the Silver Rain 1
Kare First Love 1-6
Dragon Knights 3
Times Two
President Dad VOLUME 1
Girl Got Game 7
The Queen's Knight 1
Witch Class 1
Chocolate Vol 1

Anime DVDs:
Pretear Complete Anime DVD Boxset Dub English
Inuyasha Movie 1-3 Anime DVD Dub English
DNAngel Vol 3
Tiny Fairy Sugar Vol 1,6
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Anime DVD Boxset Sub English
Midori no hibi/ Midori Days Complete Anime DVD Boxset Sub English


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Hello Everyone ^^ [05 Sep 2006|03:55pm]
Hello. I am new to this community. As a welcoming gift, I present to you all one of my favorite website, animefever. It allows you to upload pictures and music and also has a section called anime tv for you to sample anime kinda like youtube.com


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[27 Aug 2006|12:11am]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

CLICK TO BUY Manga/anime goodies
Check out for more manga/anime goods (artbooks, tarot cards, calendars, pencil boards...) at my LJ Sale
cross-posted anywhere i can :P
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[12 Aug 2006|05:29pm]

Fanbooks, Guide Books Coming Directly From Japan - Popular Series!!

Honey and Clover (Hachimitsu to Clover)
Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-
Check out for more manga/anime goods (artbooks, tarot cards, calendars, pencil boards...) at my LJ Sale
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Manga's Gotta Go~! [06 Aug 2006|09:30pm]

Here's a List of Manga's that I need out ASAP~! 
Prices don't include shipping unless stated...

Video Girl Ai vol. 1-5 $25 Shipped 

Marmalade Boy vol. 1-8 END $40 shipped

Ceres vol. 1 $6 

Baby and Me vol. 1 $6 

Happy Hustle High vol. 1-4 $20

Other Anime Comics can be viewed at: http://lunagrl777.livejournal.com/2006/06/09/
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[24 Jul 2006|09:15pm]

Chinese Editon Anime/Manga Tarot Cards (A-Y)
Chinese Editon Anime/Manga Artbooks/Postcard Books (A-X)
Anime/Manga 2006 Calendars - For Limited Time and Quantity!!!
Anime/Manga Merchandise from various series (A-Y)
Manga/manhwa in English
Anime DVD Boxsets
Anime/Manga Collectibles, Furoku, Pencil Boards, Artbooks...

cross-posted anywhere i can :P
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Manga for Sale! [08 Apr 2006|11:49pm]

Hi again, 

I really need to sell some stuff, and I thought that this would be the best place to come. 

English Manga--Tokyopop: 

Cowboy Bebop - 1,2,3
Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star - 1,2 (Complete series)
Wish - 1,2,3
.Hack - 1
Getbackers - 1
INVU - 1,2
Love Hina - 6
Model - 1,2,3 
Rave Master - 1
Tokyopop+Viz Samplers (3)
Doll 1,3,4
Ikebukuro West Gate Park
Under the Glass Moon 1

Raw Manga: 

X 1,14,15

The Malice Mizer Photobook from the "Bara no Konrei" Movie is still availiable, and I need to sell that ASAP. Current offer -- $50CAD 


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Newbie [04 Apr 2006|09:06am]

[ mood | complacent ]

Name: Amanda
Age: 28
Favorite Manga: Oh, I have so many! Right now I am obsessed with Gokusen (Shin/Yankumi forever!) and Bleach (Ichigo/Rukia). I also read InuYasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hellsing, Hellsing:Dawn, Samurai Champloo, and Death Note. I love the classics such as Trigun and Rurouni Kenshin and Ranma also.
Favorite Anime Show: Bleach, the new Hellsing OVA, InuYasha, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo
Favorite Genre of Manga: Seisen
Favorite Type of Fanfic: Action or Comedy or both (like Gokusen!!)
Favorite type of Fanart: ?
Favorite Female Manga Character: Yankumi
Favorite Male Manga Character: Its a toss up between Alucard and Renji from Bleach.
Manga/Anime/Fanart Crush: Renji from Bleach (I am curious about ALL of his tatoos *giggle*)

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[07 Mar 2006|11:21am]

I'm GOING to get Howl's Moving Castle on dvd today and wondered if there are any special editions/exclusive versions at any specific place? A physical place, heh... I want it TODAY!
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Watase RPG! [04 Dec 2005|03:47am]

[ mood | excited ]

Please come join my rpg. ^_^

It's the collision of four worlds from four Yuu Watase mangas.

Go here to check it out.

Sorry if this isn't allowed. The mods can delete it if they want.

x-posted everywhere.

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Stuff for Sale [22 Nov 2005|02:13pm]

[ mood | amused ]

If this post isn't allowed you can delte it

I'm currently selling some manga that I no longer have a need for, they are English manga so you know

Kodacha 1-3 I bought them for 10 each so I'm selling them at $5 Each and for that set I'd say $5 Shipping and Handling for the set together, if you bought them sepreatly I'd say about $1.50 each or so.

Prince of Tennis 1-9 I bought them for about $8 each so I'm selling them at $4 Each and for the set about $10 Each

Death Note 1 & 2 I bought them for about $8 each so I'm selling them at $4 and about 3 dollars Shipping and Handling

Cherry Project Vol 3 (It is Japanese and it has the same author as Sailor Moon) I got it for about $8 so I'll sell it at $4 dollars.

I'm also selling anime too

Desendants of Darkness/Yami no Matsuei DVD's 1 & 2. I bought them each for $30 so I'll sell them at $15 each that is $30 for both of them and about $5 Shipping and Handling

Weiss Kreuz Hong Kong Boxset (Japanese Language English/Chinese subs) I paid about $30 for it, So I shall sell it $10 and about $7 dollars Shipping and Handling

Scrapped Princess DVD's 1 & 2 I paid $30 Each and am Selling them at $15 Each or 2 for $30 and about $5 Dollars Shipping and Handling

If your interested please leave a comment.

Everything has only been viewed once or never viewed. I don't have pictures I'm sorry, but if anyone would like to give any of this stuff a happy home please let me know ^_^

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Akuma de Sourou (The Devil Does Exist) [21 Nov 2005|06:41pm]

I just finished reading Akuma de Sourou (in English, The Devil Does Exist), and I wanted to highly recommend it to you guys. It's one of the few mangas that doesn't seem to get dragged out for plot, and then end in some unsatisfactory way. It actually has a real ending! Yay!

It's a romance/drama with good art (not great in the begining, but it gets really good). It's 11 volumes long, which I think is a good length. You can get it from Box Torrents here, if you're a member (it's free, but I think membership is closed right now), otherwise you may have to either try to sneak it without getting banned or get it another way.

High school is hard for Kayano. When she tries to confess her love to the kind but distant Yuichi, the school bully Takeru makes her life hell. But things get worse when Kayano's mother gets engaged to Takeru's father, the school principal! How will she cope with having the devil himself living in her own home?
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Hi ^_^ [19 Nov 2005|11:48pm]

Name: Kim
Age: 15
Favorite Manga: Fruits Basket/ Full Moon wo Sagashite
Favorite Anime Show: Bleach/ Air
Favorite Genre of Manga: Shojo
Favorite Type of Fanfic: n/a
Favorite type of Fanart: n/a
Favorite Female Manga Character: Alice/ Rin
Favorite Male Manga Character: Takuto/ Kyo
Manga/Anime/Fanart Crush: Nuriko ♥
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my answers to the question! [29 Oct 2005|11:23am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

LJ cut for space!

My AnswersCollapse )

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Aishiteru ze Baby! [14 Oct 2005|09:51pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Some time ago I watched the Aishiteru ze Baby anime and loved it. Problem was, it just kinda... ended. But not really. They kinda stopped in the middle of the story.

So yesterday I find the manga at www.boxtorrents.com and download it. It's soooo good. The art is beautiful, the story is great, and it has a few elements I like that often get left out of anime. Best part, it goes on for several volumes past where the anime ended. Yaaay!

This is one of my favorite mangas, so if you can handle using BitTorrent I highly recommend heading over to Box Torrents and getting it. (^_^)v

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[30 Sep 2005|04:18pm]

Name: Empoigner/Tash
Age: 18
Favorite Manga: Saiyuki, Aisuru Hito, Hot Gimmick or Azumanga Daioh
Favorite Anime Show: Evangelion or Love Hina
Favorite Genre of Manga: Romance Comedy (love them good ol' love triangles).
Favorite Type of Fanfic: Smut >.> Uhh Slash fics.
Favorite type of Fanart: Oekaki.
Favorite Female Manga Character: Asuka (Evangelion), Meroko (Fullmoon wo Sagashite) or Mutsumi (Love Hina)
Favorite Male Manga Character: Sanzo (Saiyuki), Shikamaru (Naruto) or Shigure (Fruits Basket)
Manga/Anime/Fanart Crush: Genjyo Sanzo

As you can see I'm an indecisive person, but I love Manga and I love Anime ^.^
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[29 Sep 2005|03:49pm]

[ mood | amused ]

name: vanessa
age: 21
fave manga: GTO
Anime show: Card Captor Sakura ( japanes version)
fave genre is anything with magic and the paranormal
fave type facfic is the slashy kind
fave fanart: chibi drawings of characters
fave female caracther : hinata Asashii
fave male character: Touya Kinomoto
my crush:Neo Genesis Evangelion

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